• Image of LADY CAVE
  • Image of LADY CAVE
  • Image of LADY CAVE

a lovely nude lady is perched or lounging in or on a sparkly cave. from here she watches the world go by with amusement and a carefree attitude.

our miniature scenes are our pride and joy! each lady cave is patiently and lovingly crafted by hand in our studio in los angeles, ca. they are 100% one of a kind. the position of the lady you will receive in the mail will be unique. this means that the color of her skin & hair, shape of body and the size and shape of the geode cave will be a total surprise. an original.
aint' it grand to know we are inimitable individuals? well so are these babes.

all geodes are natural. they measures roughly 2" - 4" at their widest point. no cave is alike.

your lady cave includes a cotton drawstring pouch hand stamped LADY CAVE.

please note that this listing does not include custom features. visit our custom cave listing for more information or email us at the address listed below.

gift wrap, personal notes, delivery and international shipping is available upon request. please email contact(@)chaparral-studio.com.

to see more of our miniatures & caves look up #chaparralstudiocaves on instagram!