Our jewelry is composed of natural stones, brass, sterling silver and 14k gold fill. All ear wires & chains are Sterling Silver or 14k gold fill. They are 100% nickel & lead free.
Our keychains are made of brass with lead-free split rings.


Natural stones used both in jewelry and alone can be wiped with a soft gentle cloth. For more detailed cleaning a damp q-tip or damp cloth  can be applied in moderation. Compressed air is a good solution for geodes when used very carefully on a low setting.

It is advised to store all jewelry in a cool & dry environment. Avoid humidity (such as in the bathroom) and remove when you swim or shower. For best results possible keep all jewelry in an airtight container. With Brass in particular it is possible that some people may have a temporary green or black oxidation mark from the small amount of copper in the metal alloy that reacts with oxygen in the air, sweat and oils in the skin. This varies from person to person and depends on an individual's unique skin chemistry. If you are prone to this reaction, we recommend purchasing 14K gold filled or Sterling Silver jewelry.
Keep in mind that brass & Sterling Silver will oxidize over time. We personally love and encourage the patina that comes with use however if you wish to shine your pieces we suggest using a polishing cloth. There are several household products and professional products available. If you decide to use a cleaner please be sure it is intended for the type of metal you are cleaning as it can damage the piece. As you can imagine the interest is abundant in diy videos and methods.
Note that jewelry is delicate, please take proper care of your jewelry items, removing them when necessary and storing them properly. Earring latches and post backs tend to loosen over time with wear so please check them frequently and gently squeeze them with your fingers or a small pliers to keep them fitting securely. 

Brass Keychains
To shine up your tag gently rub the brass with steel wool. Alternatively after lots of touching and daily us a beautiful patina will naturally occur.