Inside of each hand stamped drawstring cotton pouch is a rock that at first glance appears plain. Crack the rock open with a hammer and the interior will reveal sparkles galore! Viola it is a geode!

We recommend a heavy duty standard hammer and a strong arm. Break the stone on a surface that can take a little beating. One good strong WHACK! is better than a couple tiny knocks. We strongly urge you to use caution and common sense when breaking your geode open.

This is a super fun and interactive gift - great for children and adults alike!

Geodes come in three different sizes. please make your selection below.

Small - cotton pouch measures 3x5" / rock measures roughly 1.5" - 2"
Medium - cotton pouch measures 4x6" / rock measures roughly 2.5"
SOLD OUT - Large - cotton pouch measures 5x7" / rock measures roughly 3" - 3.5"

Note that each rock is unique and one of a kind in size, shape, color and even the sparkly interior will vary from what you see here and from rock to rock.

Gift wrap, personal notes, delivery and international shipping is available upon request. We also offer larger quantities for events or gifts. Please email contact(@) for more information.