Plant a party in your home, office or personal space with our Disco Ball Planter. Not only do they tempt you to boogie but they cast sparkly light beautifully when the sun is reflected into the tiles, resulting in sprinkles of glowing light.

Heads up. You may have seen many DIY attempts at this original design of ours. Keep in mind they are made of styrofoam disco balls that over time are not sustainable for holding plant material. Our Disco Ball Planters are carefully made in our Los Angeles studio with hand picked glass tiles, tile by tile they are each applied to a glass surface that is intended for the purpose of hosting a happy plant. On this listing we offer only the large but smaller sizes can be made. Feel free to email us for special requests.

9" DIA, 10" T, 31" CIR

We appreciate that you keep in mind these are made to order. Please allow about 2 -3 weeks.

Ideally for indoor use only. Plant and macrame hanger not included. Addition of plant, gift wrap, personal notes, delivery and international shipping is available upon request. We can be reached at contact@chaparral-studio.com.