VANQUISH BAD VIBES Fluorite Mini Pyramid


Each tiny fluorite pyramid not only boasts a gorgeous array of colors but it is suggested that they are very powerful stones. Fluorite is rumored to have the ability to neutralize a room of negative energy allowing for other stones to perform more efficiently. Basically it operates as the perfect sidekick, clearing out the bad stuff making way for accompanying stones to do their magic.

Alternatively regardless of what you believe the shape of the stone makes a great ring holder. And when situated in a window, if it catches light through the more translucent areas of the pyramid, it casts a lovely colored shadow.

Polished fluorite stone shaped into a pyramid.
Each is unique in size. Ranging from 1 - 1.5".
The color of pyramid will also vary therefore the one you receive will be a surprise!

Includes a 100% cotton drawstring bag hand stamped with the message:
1 fluorite pyramid per bag.

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